Model Aviation and Drone Leader Graupner Announces Release of mz-10C 2.4GHz Multirotor and Drone Radio with GR-18 Flight Controller 

Drone enthusiasts have a good reason to be happy.  Longtime leader in the space Graupner recently announced the release of their latest product, an exciting new Drone Racing Radio, that removes most of the complexity of setting up and running racing drones.

November 9, 2016

With interest in hobby drones rising all the time, it's only natural there would be many drone customers who are interested in flying their drones without having to suffer through a long and complex learning curve.  Model aviation and drone specialists Graupner have answered the call, recently announcing the release of an exciting new drone racing radio, the mz-10 2.4GHz Multirotor and Drone Radio with GR-18 Flight Controller, which meets these needs in a very dynamic and enjoyable way.

“We are really excited about the mz-10C Drone Radio and it's amazing abilities and potential,” commented Mannie Garmy from Graupner.  “We know this is going to become a very popular product, fast and just in time for the 2016 holiday season.”

According to the company, who both manufacture and distribute aviation model, drone and other popular hobby products, some highlights of the new remote control's features include pre-set switches for flight modes, flip mode, auxiliary switches, data port for a Smart Box and the possibilities for firmware updates.

The included GR-18 multirotor flight controller combines a 2.4GHz receiver and telemetry hub supporting many copter configurations as well as more advanced features like ONESHOT, Multishot8, Multishot32, Airmode, SBUS Input from TBS Crossfire receivers and much more.

The mz-10C and GR-18 combo is available now from online retailers and from Graupner USA.

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