You asked for it and we delivered!

Many of you who were impressed by the mz-32 and its many features requested a radio that provided similar features but at a more affordable price point.

Our new Graupner mz-16 provides what many of our customers wanted as a 16-channel radio where accuracy, control and reliability is fully integrated inside a high-tech carbon look and comfortable ergonomics transmitter.

The mz-16 brings the same powerful features as our mz-32 flagship radio providing you with the same power where you, the user, can control almost any part of the radio.

You can tailor the mz-16 to your own needs with additional hardware options which can be installed by the user. The built in WiFi can be expanded with a Bluetooth module and MP3 player while the battery capacity can be increased to up to 9000 mAh. The mz-16 can be expanded based on your budget and needs.

This new radio is part of our HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) radio eco system that stands out in its signal reliability and performance without the protocol confusion many other brands have.

Customers that embrace our HoTT systems will benefit from a wide selection of receivers and flight controllers (23) and over 50 telemetry and speed controller products that are fully integrated with our radio HoTT systems for ease of use and without complexity.

The integration of our HoTT technology by many third-party vendors utilizing our over the air protocol and SUMD digital protocols adds another benefit to our customers who can select from dozens of additional products to make their RC experience more valuable and more enjoyable.

Future firmware updates are free and the mz-16 carries a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

The 16-channel mz-16 sells for $749.99 and comes with a GR-16 8-channel telemetry receiver.