The Graupner mz-16 has landed just in time for the start of the flying season!

What makes the mz-16 stand out to the pilot is the solid and locked feel it has when holding in your hands and the rock-solid signal quality it provides during flight. The machined aluminum 4096 resolution quad bearing gimbals will add that little extra needed for precise and locked control.

Like our award winning mz-32 radio, the mz-16 has the same powerful user interface and software features our customers have been liking and praising. With built in Wi-Fi communications future software updates are instant and easy to get.

If you are ready for the next generation RC radio consider the mz-16 as your best candidate for a radio that comes from a company that has a proven track record for quality, support and continued innovation making your RC experience the best!

For a limited time, we provide a free MP3 player module which our service department will professionally install for you before shipping your mz-16. 

There are additional discounted options available for the mz-16 that can be obtained when buying your mz-16. Any optional modules purchased will be professionally installed and tested by our service department prior to shipping your mz-16.