• Added CTL option to adjust the system volume. Only DV1-DV4, SL1-SL2 and DT1-DT2 can be used.
  • Added support for TBS Crossfire V2. Output is provided via the data port. This new protocol can be activated from the TX ctl menu by changing the default telemetry data output from BLUETOOTH to CROSSFIRE V2
  • TBS Crossfire V2 (CRSF V2) Protocol

The CRSF V2 protocol allows the connection of a TBS Crossfire 868 / 915MHz transmitter module to the data socket of the mz-24 PRO. Please note that you will have to power the module with an external 2S LiPo as the data port does not provide enough power. This is only intended for long range applications or if disturbances are to be expected on the 2.4GHz band.

Please observe the official line of sight condition for outdoor use!


  • Various small textual changes and bug fixes
  • Revised sequencer operation for increased usability
  • Fixed issue with the Flap Sett menu
  • Fixed throttle hold warning


Use the firmware update studio for applying the latest update to your mz-24 PRO radio.