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You will definitely have unlimited and un-breakable fun with the Graupner Flying Wing Vector airplane. Our Vector airplanes are powered with specially-designed control units: small power drives that are easily installed and can be controlled with the mz-4 2-Channel Stick Vector Radio (or any Graupner 2.4GHz radio).

Assemble your Flying Wing Vector airplane in minutes, slip the Vector control unit into the custom cut-outs in seconds, then charge and attach the battery for amazing fun!  The Vector power drive is strong enough to withstand a good breeze so you can fly the Flying Wing Vector airplane indoors or outdoors with grace and simplicity.  

The Vector control unit is designed to work with any Graupner HoTT radio but has been specially developed for the Graupner mz-4 Vector Radio.  The mz-4 is packed with options and features that ensures your Vector airplane will stay in perfect control.  The compact, lightweight, single-hand design makes it easy for anyone to use and master.

Did we mention the Vector models are easy to fly?  Yes, even a five-year-old can learn how to pilot with no fear of crashing -- our Vector planes are almost unbreakable!  Constructed with extremely flexible foam that can withstand almost any crash, the Vector planes are ideal for beginners or small children.

The Flying Wing Vector is priced so all your friends and family can easily obtain an entire colony of bat-like Wings at a reasonable cost.  Or mix and match with the other model designs for a wild and crazy air show.  There is no end to the fun with Graupner Vector planes.


This model is not RTF. You must first install the Vector Control Unit Power Pack Extreme and bind to any Graupner HoTT radio (each sold separately).


  • Flying Wing Vector Airplane


  • Vector Control Unit Power Pack Extreme (P/N 34003)
  • Any Graupner HoTT radio, such as:
    • mz-4 2-Channel Stick Vector Radio (P/N S1031)
    • mz-10 (P/N S1001.1) or mz-12 (P/N S1002.13)